Craft production

Craft production Craft production

It is a matter of honor for us and a guarantee of safety and comfort for you, to know that each and every one of our items is conceived, designed and built inside our company.
Always attentive to technological innovation, the production is supervised at every stage, from the cutting of the wood to the first processing, from the design to the manual installation of the pieces of furniture, up to the polishing, which is also performed by hand.
This production structure allows us the independence and flexibility needed to best respond to every request.
We can offer standard articles with a vast range of structural modules, finishes and accessories or custom furniture, customized according to specific needs.

While keeping the technical processing and polishing handmade, we also use eco-friendly products: the finishes are made with eco-friendly products and the use of beeswax, according to the rules in force in the international markets.

Masters of wood and futuristic designers can offer the decorum of timeless lines, together with the most futuristic solutions of space and order.
The experience of generations enhances the quality of wood and, with the care and attention to detail, to hand finishing, our craftsmen are able to give unique and durable importance to all types of furniture.

It is in our hands that your every idea takes shape and becomes a reality